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T.E.A.M Staff

Timothy Gill

CEO / Founder

Tim, currently a Minnesota resident, has now devoted his life’s work to creating a space for the youth, to give back to his community, and give the youth a fighting chance at a brighter future. Being a former professional overseas player to now current Principle at MNIC High School, Tim’s passion for developing and mentoring children has always been a dream of his. Tim developed Teach Everyone A Method in 2020 to provide the youth with the tools, resources and support to navigate through life never alone, always with a METHOD. Tim understands that the choices he made in the past created the difficult path in his younger years. Tim discovered that he did not have a plan, A METHOD. With developing T.E.A.M, Tim can now mentor and help the community that creates, shaped and molded him into the man he is today. 


Patricia Bright

Co-Chair & Director of Social Media

Jenny O'Connell

Vice Chair & Grant Writer

Josh Turner

Treasurer & Tax Consultant

Michaela Devine